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Ambiance for a Victorian Spirit at a Bar Called Oscar Wilde // New York times

Once Oscar Wilde’s décor is assembled, it will be like Lillie’s on steroids, and include what they claim will be the longest continuous bar in the city, at 120 feet.


Where to Party in New York This SUMMER // New York times

The Irish owners of Lillie’s Victorian Establishment, a pair of Manhattan bars devoted to the actress Lillie Langtry, have opened a cheerfully opulent bar honoring her friend Oscar Wilde. The cozy space, which could be mistaken for an antiques shop, has a curvaceous 118-foot bar, walls teeming with literary paraphernalia, chandeliers with peacock feathers and wainscoting said to be from Hope Castle in Castleblayney, Ireland, the hometown of Frank McCole, one of the owners.

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Tommy Burke and Frank McCole rightly claim that the 118-foot stretch of marble running along one side of their immense new barroom is one of the longest bars in the city // NEW YORK TIMES

They’ve turned a space in a building that once housed the enforcer of the Volstead Act — the Bureau of Prohibition — into a lavish, wildly (pun intended) adorned repository of vintage artifacts from around the world.


Eat And Drink Green For St. Patrick’s Day In New York

For New Yorkers looking to embrace a Victorian-style St. Patrick’s Day, they can head Oscar Wilde. The Flatiron restaurant is named after one of literature most prolific writers who happens to be Irish. Throughout the day, the restaurant is serving corned beef and cabbage and Irish Soda Bread. Just stop by and sit at the city’s longest bar and try The Warhorse. The specialty libation is made with Irish whiskey, lime juice, honey syrup, ginger ale, muddled mint, and peppercorns.


New york city's hottest new restaurants // FORBES

Tommy Burke and Frank McCole, the Irish owners who are clearly big fans of Oscar Wilde, have created a fitting tribute to the great writer. A statue of the Wilde is at the door, some of the author's wittiest quotes are on the walls and an antique clock from the 1880s is set at 1:50 pm, the time of Wilde's death. Following the end of Prohibition, the Victorian building was used by a series of apparel firms until it was purchased by the current owners who have painstakingly restored its lovely features, including the original Victorian wallpaper. Burke and McCole are also the duo behind Lillies, another Victorian style restaurant with two locations, Lillie’s Times Square, Lillie’s Union Square and Papillon Bistro & Bar.


war horse cocktail recipe // taste the dram

Celebrate this year St. Patrick’s day with a Warhorse Cocktail recipe brought to you by the masterminds and founders of Oscar Wilde NYC.


Where to Party in New York This Fall // New York times

“If you want to be a grocer or a general or a politician or a judge, you will invariably become it; that is your punishment,” wrote Oscar Wilde. “If you never know what you want to be, if you live what some might call the dynamic life but what I will call the artistic life, if each day you are unsure of who you are and what you know, you will never become anything, and that is your reward.”

Epitomized by brine-curious pickles and “broccomole” (which tastes like mushy peas and comes with taro chips), the British writer’s namesake guise-gone-Wilde bar, fittingly, has no idea what it is. So at least there’s that. Equal parts salon, pub and bordello, it serves a broad mix, including tipples in the Victorian style and Prohibition-inspired cocktails (the building previously housed the Prohibition Enforcement Headquarters) despite the fact that Wilde died 19 years before the Volstead Act, in a country that never tried the “noble experiment.” And there’s champagne, of course. (The menu quotes Wilde: “Pleasure without champagne is purely artificial.”)

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New Bars Go Bold and Big to Stand Out in New York // Wall Street journal

At the soon-to-open Oscar Wilde bar in Manhattan’s NoMad neighborhood, patrons will likely take note of many special details, from the vintage player piano to the gold-colored beer taps.


Wilde about the place // The Times UK

Oscar Wilde once wrote: “Over our heads will float the Blue Bird singing of beautiful and impossible things, of things that are lovely and that never happen, of things that are not and that should be.” Beautiful and impossible things can happen in life, and one such thing is a new bar in New York City, named after the great writer, by two fellow Irishmen, Tommy Burke and Frank McCole.

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An Oscar wilde bar has opened in nyc // Conde nast Traveler

...And now, thanks to a newly-opened bar in NoMad, fans of Oscar Wilde have their very own spot to pay tribute to the Irish novelist, essayist, and playwright—complete with one of the longest bars in New York and, not one, but two statues of the author.


Oscar Wilde, the Bar // The new yorker

Inspired by the aesthete, it explodes with extravagance: marble bearing his quotations, porcelain floor inlays, and an antique piano made into shelves.

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This Oscar Wilde-themed Bar Is the Best Place for a Victorian Cocktail // Travel + Leisure

The Glamorous Oscar Wilde, a new bar inspired by the iconic playwright and author, opened to the public on August 16


Step Inside This Extravagant Victorian-Themed Bar Dedicated To Oscar Wilde // gothamist

Opulent light fixtures, custom marble, antique fireplaces, scores of paintings and photographs, and two statues of Oscar Wilde are what await at a new bar in NoMad named for and dedicated to the Irish writer.

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New York is Getting An Oscar Wilde Themed Bar // food and wine

Oscar Wilde once famously said, "Work is the curse of the drinking classes." Well, if you're in New York this month, you can drink like Wilde after your curse-of-the-drinking-classes day is done for the day.

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An Exclusive First Look at New York City's New Oscar Wilde-Themed Bar // town & country

The Irish owners and operators behind Lille’s Times Square, Lillie’s Union Square, and Papillon Bistro & Bar are adding the Victorian-themed gastropub at 45 West 27th Street to their portfolio.


Is this New York’s most extravagant bar? // daily mail

Perhaps the part that maverick Wilde would most enjoy, however, is the fact that a bar named after him has opened in a building that formerly housed Prohibition Enforcement headquarters.


NYC’s Longest Bar Opens Next Week // EATER

Touted as the city’s longest bar at 118.5 feet and named for the Irish playwright, Oscar Wilde is opening on August 16 in Nomad (45 West 27th Street). Owners Tommy Burke and Frank McCole of Lillie's Victorian in Times Square and Union Square have put together an elaborate 5,000 square-foot venue, with a fireplace from the 1840s, inlay from Ireland’s Hope Castle circa 1700s, and porcelain from Gosford Castle (also a location for Game of Thrones). Look for 300 whiskeys and 32 beers on tap. The first week is evenings only with lunch rolling out the end of the month.


Irish duo behind New York’s new $4m Oscar Wilde bar // IRISH TIMES

Step inside a new literary haunt in New York and you’ll find 26 clocks that never change time. They are all set at 1.50pm, the time of death of the writer after whom the bar is named, Oscar Wilde. The interior of the bar is as opulent as you might expect for a place dedicated to the flamboyant essayist, novelist and playwright whose preferred alcohols were Champagne and absinthe. And it’s as decadent as you might expect when you find out $4 million was spent on the creating the space.



Now let's take a note from Mr. Wilde and more-than-exist at the longest bar in New York dedicated to his namesake.


Bartender's tales // time out new york

An interview with Johnny Swet, Head Mixologist at Oscar Wilde.


restaurant openings // The Epoch times

The owners behind Victorian-style restaurant Lillie’s are launching another 19th-century concept, with a new spot—featuring the city’s longest continuous bar, at 118.5 feet—called Oscar Wilde NYC.

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New York City's Longest Marble Bar Opens in an Homage to Oscar Wilde // Architectural digest

The over-the-top bar is filled with antiques from the Victorian era of Wilde’s life, and from the countries in which he lived...

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I Can Resist Everything but Temptation: The Oscar Wilde Bar Opens in NYC // BLACK BOOK

...in a city which worships long hours and breeds perpetual stress, the Oscar Wilde bar will surely become the perfect excuse to put into practice the Irish Bard’s wisest words of all: “Too much work, and no vacation, deserves at least a small libation...


NYC’s New Oscar Wilde Bar Is As Glamorous As You’d Expect // Guest of a guest

Of course Oscar Wilde, a writer known for his sharp wit and even sharper style, is worthy of a watering hole bursting with this much grandeur.

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19 New Bars For Every Type of Drinker, Opening This Fall // Grub Street

This new spot from the owners of Lillie’s will lay claim to the city’s longest bar (118½ feet) and sports baroque details like gilded fireplaces.

The Culture Trip.png

Most Instagrammable Interiors of NYC // The Culture Trip

Dedicated to the literary dandy Oscar Wilde, this new Victorian-themed bar in NoMad is jam-packed with hand-selected antique artifacts in a gilded, glittering setting.


Oscar Wilde NYC - The Genius of Tommy Burke and Frank McCole at the Forefront // taste the dram

The mere decor cost the company more than $4 million dollars, so you know this place will impress.

NYC Official Guide.png

Celebrating the legendary Irish playwright, Oscar Wilde has New York City’s longest bar at 118.5 feet // NYC The official guide

Celebrating the legendary Irish playwright, Oscar Wilde has New York City’s longest bar at 118.5 feet.

Inside the Magic.png

Themed Eats: ‘Oscar Wilde NYC’ brings Victorian Extravagance to the Big Apple // inside the magic

Rich, authentic nineteenth century time-pieces, spectacular statues and splendid stylings in the way of wonderfully carved wood fixtures, marble bars and ornate mirrors are just some of the delightful décor accenting the soon to open bar in New York City.


New york's oscar wilde bar: a victorian wonderland // the daily meal

Most bars have a theme of some sort. It can be an Irish pub, a Wild West bar, a “roadhouse,” etc. But you don’t see to many Victorian-inspired bars, and you certainly don’t see any that take a Victorian theme to quite the extreme that Oscar Wilde, a new bar that recently opened in New York City, does.


look inside the opulent new ‘oscar wilde’ bar, featuring 26 clocks set to the time of his death // inside the magic

This recently opened Oscar Wilde bar in New York City is dedicated to the famous author, and has been lavishly decorated to celebrate the excess of the Victorian era.


from fav in san fran, to new in new york // lucire

Oscar Wilde in New York is another must-see hotspot. From London, the glamorous bar landed in the city that never sleeps in August 2017.


new york themed bar: When Oscar Wilde invites you for champagne // Volksstime

As the first guest, Oscar Wilde is even at the bar, finely dressed, with a questioning facial expression. He almost wants you to give him a drink because the life-size replica of the Irish writer keep his hand open. 


Oscar wilde's birthday // where magazine

Child of Dublin, superstar playwright in London, mega-celebrity in New York: Oscar Wilde is legendary.


take a tour through new york's extravagant oscar wilde bar // irishcentral

Opened in August 2017, Oscar Wilde bar in Manhattan lives and breathes the spirit of the Irish playwright and writer, decked out from front to back with antiques and tributes to the style of the Victorian era.


the oscar wilde bar's discerning, eurotastic whiskey-sipping guide // blackbook

Much as we love Camus and Baudelaire, one imagines if there were bars named for them, they might not be all that much fun. But NYC's glorious new Oscar Wilde bar is precisely as brilliant as you'd expect a bar named for the legendary Irish wit to be.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 4.38.39 PM.png

ornate bar opens at former nyc prohibition headquarters // market watch

Named for the venerable Irish playwright and located in the former headquarters of New York City's Bureau of Prohibition, the Victorian-themed bar Oscar Wilde opened in August in Manhattan's NoMad district.


dining + Drinking: Oscar wilde // in new york magazine

Don't let the elaborate, dazzling bar and its surroundings make you forget to order a drink.


travel & outdoors: Oscar wilde // the scotsman magazine

The Irish owners of Lillie's Victorian Establishment, a pair of Manhattan bars devoted to actress Lillie Langtry, have opened a cheerfully opulent bar honoring her friend Oscar Wilde.


Where to go joe: Oscar wilde // am 970

A combination of a speak easy and a magnificent Victorian home...Oscar Wilde, dedicated to the legendary Irish playwright, is on the sight of the former headquarters of New York City's Bureau of Prohibition. (3:19)


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